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Lawn Care St. Charles MO

Full-Service Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn will add value to your home and provide curb appeal all year long. At Candid Land Maintenance we offer the very best in lawn care services and take pride in doing the hard work for you. All you have to do is enjoy the beautiful results. Let us tailor a program specifically for your lawn that will leave it picture perfect.

Choose from a variety of services that will pamper and nourish your lawn.

Lawn Mowing & Turf Care

Full service lawn mowing. We take pride in leaving your lawn with a crisp, clean, professional look every time we service it.

  • We will cut the grass, removing the top ⅓ of the blade to promote healthy growing.
  • Trim the hard to get areas of where the lawn mower won’t get along fence lines, and around objects and edge the driveway and sidewalks
  • Finally we blow off everything including all concrete surfaces, porch, flower beds, and around your homes foundation.

Would you like to outsource the back-breaking garden weeding too? A bi-weekly weeding for flower beds can be added to any of our mowing packages. We also provide landscaping and snow removal services to relieve you of all your yearly chores.

We Make It Easy to Fertilize Your Lawn

Taking the time to fertilize is essential in creating and maintaining a beautiful, lush lawn. Giving grass the nutrients it needs in the proper amounts and correct time intervals provides many benefits that include:

  • Help it grow healthy and strong
  • Making it more drought resistant
  • Encouraging thick growth
  • Eliminating room for lawn weeds to thrive

At Candid Land Maintenance we implement a combination of granular and liquid treatments to make and keep your lawn picture perfect. Let’s look at our detailed fertilization program.

6 Step Fertilizer & Lawn Weed Control Program

In the Midwest, we get extreme weather conditions that can be stressful on our cool season turf grasses. Our 6 step fertilizer and lawn weed control program will aid your lawn in maintaining and thriving the whole year through. (Our fertilizer and lawn weed control program can be combined into a complete lawn care package.)

  • Step 1: Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

    Mid-February / Early March: We put down a slow release fertilizer, plus crab grass preventer.

  • Step 2: Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

    Mid-March / Early April: We apply a second application of slow release fertilizer, plus we spot treat any visible weed while adding crabgrass preventer.

  • Step 3: Weed & Feed

    Mid-April / Early May: We apply a slow release fertilizer that contains a professional strength herbicide that is sure to kill any remaining weeds in the grass.

  • Step 4: Grub Control/Fertilizer

    Mid June / Mid July: We apply grub control, plus fertilizer if the threat of grub damage is impending. If no sign of grub damage we will use a slow release organic fertilizer.

  • Step 5: Slow Release Organic Fertilizer

    Late August / September: We apply professional slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to help turf recover from all the summer activity stress. If you’re aerating and overseeding, we will apply a starter fertilizer to give the new seed the nutrients it needs to germinate and grow strong.

  • Step 6: Winterizer / Weed & Feed

    Late October / December: Winter fertilizer, high phosphorus and potash formula encourages root growth, drought and traffic tolerance and helps with early Spring green-up.

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Other Lawn Applications

Have an area where you just can’t get grass to grow? There could be factors you can’t see that is causing the lack of results. Improper soil conditions, compaction, even insects can hinder results for establishing and, maintaining a beautiful lawn. Lyme, gypsum, and grub control are all things one of the professionals at Candid land maintenance can identify and recommend to help improve your turf.

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Aerating & Overseeding

Not always, but most the time aeration and overseeding are done together as a one-two punch to revitalize or maintain a dense healthy lawn. Aeration helps the lawn by removing compaction and thatch, allowing oxygen, water, seed, and nutrients get down to the roots. It also pushes the existing grassroots down deep so it can grow healthy and strong. Our process is a double pass using a core aerator to remove a 2″-4″ core. After that, we apply the seed. Depending on lawn condition when overseeding, we will typically apply 3-5 lbs per 1,000sq ft of your favorite seed blend. Just add water and enjoy the amazing results. Plus, our aeration and overseeding package can be combined into a complete lawn care package.

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New Sod Installation

Whether you have a new house build with a dirt yard, or your current lawn is beyond restoration, Candid Land Maintenance can install new sod for the lush lawn you’ve always wanted. Five simple steps will have you on your way to a brand-new yard.

  1. Measure the area
  2. Kill and remove the old grass
  3. Grade and prepare the soil
  4. Lay the new sod
  5. Water thoroughly; mow seven to ten days after installation

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Lay the foundation for a beautiful, healthy lawn by calling Candid Land Maintenance at (314) 775-4492, or get a free quote now. Read more about us and check out our FAQs, and you’ll discover that we’re the upfront, honest lawn care company with 20+ years of lawn care knowledge and experience. We serve the Saint Charles area including Saint Peters, O’Fallon, Lake Saint Louis, and Wentzville.